Artist in Residence

Anthony Pateras
A pianist and composer from Melbourne, Australia his work is unified by the simultaneous investigation of the formalized, intuitive, electronic and acoustic. His works have been performed by the LA Philharmonic Association, Brett Dean, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Erkki Veltheim, Timothy Munro, Speak Percussion, Percussion Group The Hague, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Ensemble Integrales Hamburg, Australian Art Orchestra and Vanessa Tomlinson.
He has an uncommon practice in that outside of writing numerous works for the concert hall, he has worked with leading figures in rock, electronic and jazz genres such as Mike Patton, Stephen O’Malley, Christian Fennesz, Han Bennink, Paul Lovens, eRikm and The Necks.
The commission will be a 50 minute piece, energetic and rhythmically charged with full on electronics flying everywhere.  A stochastic afro-beat whiplash of electro-acoustics. Pateras will be conducting from the piano centre stage facing the ensemble with drummers at opposing sides with the ensemble in a semi circle in between.The improvisational aspect will be based around Lutowslawski’s technique in which modules of material are used and overlaid, cued in and out of.

Premiere: September 8th, 2013

Ny Musikk Stavanger presents Kitchen Orchestra with Anthony Pateras.

Stavanger Concerthouse, Stavanger, Norway

Anthony Pateras – Piano
Baritone Sax – Petter Frost Fadnes
Double Bass – John Lilja
Cello – Olav K. S. Olsen
Violin – Gro Hole Austgulen
Accordion – Johan Egdetveit
Trumpet – Gunhild Seim
Electronics – Dag Egil Njaa
Drums/ Percussion – Dag Magnus Narvesen,
and Ståle Birkeland

Artist in Residence

What’s Cooking

As an annual undertaking, Kitchen Orchestra present a weekend of “Kitchen insight” during an event called What’s Cooking in late October/early November. The main goal and philosophy behind this event is to present the musicians within the orchestra in a new and challenging way to reveal and discover qualities that are not explored or expected when Kitchen Orchestra performs as a large ensemble. Given the fact that the musicians involved in the orchestra are amongst the finest improvisers in the region, it makes sense to create a forum where the public can encounter their innermost qualities and musicianship. Staying true to their core philosophy one or two external musicians usually gets invited to collaborate where the goal is to push the musical boundaries of the orchestra even further, to discover new ground.

2008: Evan Parker (British free music icon)
2009: Franz Hautzinger (Austrian free improvisation trumpeter) and Per Zanussi (Norwegian jazz musician and composer)
2010: Øyvind Torvund (Norwegian composer of contemporary music)
2011: Solo concert theme with musicians from the orchestra
2012: TBA

This year’s What’s Cooking will be at Tou Scene, Stavanger October 27th, 20.00 in Maskinhallen, 28th with returning guest Per Zanussi.


What’s Cooking


This was originally performed in Stavanger, Norway under Maijazz Festival 05/12/2011 and was documented as a video blog by Andrew Dubber from Rhythm Changes. In 2012 Kitchen traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a five day residence surrounding the Pulse project.

”Pulse” is a multimedia production based on a commissioned musical composition by John Lilja and Dag Egil Njaa, in collaboration with Japanese visual artists Tetsuya Nagato and Hiraku Suzuki.  The work consists of artistic structures rooted in the concept of pulse: pulse in which sounds smallest building blocks, in rhythm, in movement, in personal interaction, in biology, in everything where improvisation between musicians and artists have room to mutually reciprocate the pieces’ development.

Tetsuya Nagato is an award-winning artist, artistic leader and graphic designer who does, among other things, digital photo collages as well as more traditional collage and illustration. Hiraku Suzuki is a prolific artist and graphic designer who works with art installations and live painting. Through drawing, painting and collage, they both improvise their own visual compositions in conversation with Kitchen Orchestra’s musical performance while being filmed and projected against the wall behind the orchestra.

15 – 19 May, 2012 Superdeluxe, Tokyo.

For the residence in Tokyo spanning over five nights, the program was expanded to include a variety of ensemble sizes and musical approaches to the improvisational conversation between the ensemble and the visual artist. These smaller ensembles were combined with local Japanese improv musicians with a different theme each night. The last night concluded with the full performance of Pulse.


John Lilja – electric bass/ composer
Dag Egil Njaa – electronic/ composer
Didrik Ingvaldsen – trumpet/ electronic
Gunhild Seim – trumpet/ electronic
Petter Frost Fadnes – saxsaphone/ electronic
Dominique Brackeva – trombone
Thomas Bang – electric bass
Nils Henrik Asheim – hammond b3
Ståle Birkeland – percussion/ electronic
Dag Magnus Narvesen – percussion
Tetsuya Nagato – multimedia art
Hiraku Suzuki – multimedia art

Kitchen Orchestra – PULSE @ Super Deluxe


Christmas Concert

Christmas with Kitchen is a yearly tradition that bangs in the holiday season with the perfect blend of human holiday emotion of nostalgia, melancholia, and humour. Its like arriving home to the good ‘ol family holiday reunion with all of the odd, imperfect but loveable qualities that make christmas the magically memorable event that one anticipates. Recent collaborators have been Pål Jackman, Eva Bjerga Haugen, Rønnaug Bakke, and Tore Meberg. These concerts are always sold out, and an event always looked forward to by the orchestra.

Starting in 2010 Kitchen Orchestra started collaborating with label CCAP in releasing vinyl christmas singles with Stavanger artists, starting the tradition with Pål Jackman and his song “Jul (i sin helhet) på Jæren” (Christmas (In All Its Glory) In Jæren). In 2011 Kitchen invited Kaizers Orchestra frontman Janove Ottesen, featuring his song “Pumper Julen Rett Inn” (Pumping Christmas Right In) referring to the featured pump organ. Both singles were sold out within a week of its release.

Below is the link to the 2011 christmas single still available for sale as downloads.



Christmas Concert

Kitchen Orchestra

For many years Stavanger, Norway has produced some of Norway’s most profiled improvisational musicians. 22 of these professional players, ranging from local jazz musicians to the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, have come together under the name Kitchen Orchestra as a musical collective exploring the improvisational relationship between the individual and the ensemble in the context of modern and jazz music.

It is a rotating body of musicians with no one leader, but the corporate collective force of creativity combined with an invited external composer/bandleader to direct them into unrestrained and unpredicted musical territories. This results in a wide range of musical ventures and collaborations which can be explored on this website. Past collaborators include Alexander von Schlippenbach, Øyvind Torvund, Inbal Pinto, Evan Parker, Keith Tippet, Trevor Wishart, Reidar Larsen, Svein Tang Wa, Steve Beresford, Dave Kane, and Lotte Anker.

Kitchen Orchestra is diverse, flexible and always on the look out for interesting collaborations. If you are interested in collaborating with Kitchen Orchestra and/ or interested in hosting a workshop, or booking one of the following projects please click here:

booking/ workshops/ collaborations please click here:
Producer: Ashley Stubbert email:

Kitchen is Sponsored by: Stavanger Kommune, Norsk Kulturråd, FFUK, Utenriksdepartemetet, Fond For Lyd Og Bilde, EU-Japan Fest

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2013 Concert Calendar:

November 2-3, What’s Cooking #6 feat. Alexander von Schlippenbach, Spor 5 (Gamle Stills)

September 8, Ny Musikk presents Kitchen Orchestra with Anthony Pateras, Stavanger Konserthuset, Norway

May 9 -15, Salmer fra Kjøkkenet, Rogaland, Norway

St. Petri kirke, Stavanger 9. mai kl 19.00
Sokndal kirke 10. mai kl 19.00
Ta lgje kyrkje, Finnøy 11. mai kl 19.00
Hana kirke, Sandnes 12. mai kl 19.00
Ogna kyrkje 13. mai kl 19.00
Jørpeland kirke 14. mai kl 19.00
Lund kirke, Moi 15. mai kl 19.00

May 5, Kitchen Baroque, Nordischer Klang, Greifswald, Germany


2012 Concert Calendar:

December 15, Christmas Concert, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway Guest Artists: Janove Ottesen, Pål Jackman, Olav Larsen, Anita Bekkeheien

October 27-28, What’s Cooking Festival#5 feat. Per Zanussi, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

September 14, Concert House Opening, Stavanger, Norway

May 15-19 PULSE at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan



Kitchen Orchestra

Kitchen Orchestra with Alexander von Schlippenbach Plateslipp Konsert

Spor 5, Stavanger 2-3 nov. kl.20:00

Pris: 200 kr pr dag, eller 300 kr for begge dagane

Saturday 2nd. Nov – Small and large ensembles with Alexander von Schlippenbach followed with a Jam for those that bring their horn!

Sunday 3rd. Nov – Selected repertoire from Kitchen Orchestras debut release with Alexander von Schlippenbach released on 1st of November!

Kitchen Orchestra with Alexander von Schlippenbach (English)

Kitchen Orchestra’s collaboration with pianist and composer Alexander von Schlippenbach goes back to the spring of 2010 and Maijazz Festival in Stavanger, Norway. Schlippenbach’s music in many ways sums up postwar European jazz. His artistic trademark is the sheer bredth of his stylistic output, whereby his collective improvisation, contemporary music and jazz has created the ideal structures for orchestral playfulness and musical individualism. Few composers and bandleaders have the ability to bring out individual beauty – even through the haze of a collective frenzy – as Schlippenbach.

In Kitchen Orchestra with Alexander von Schlippenbach the musicians are in many ways free agents within Schlippenbach’s highly diverse musical concepts; at the same time as roles are clearly assigned on the specific individual musical voices. “Grand Canon” exemplifies how graphical notation and steady conducting manipulates the orchestra as one large instrument, while the repetitive and vamp-based “Time Is” has Schlippenbach’s piano as the driving force. Aki Takase’s beautiful melancholic trumpet feature “Canto Dedicato” (with soloist Gunhild Seim) floats over Berlinische undertones, while Monk’s tune “Let ‘s Cool One” closes the album with a devious and cabaret-style performance.

Each song is a little piece of European art history, with flavours of modernism referencing everything from avant-garde to pop culture. The album as a whole emphasizes Kitchen Orchestra’s collective creativity – all under the spell of the puppet masters steady, experienced and visionary hand.


Thanks Pateras!

Kitchen would like to thank Anthony Pateras for a splendid composition. We look forward to collaborating in 2014! Check out pics from our photographer Karina Gytre below. More about her at her website

Thanks to Nordischer Klang!

We just want to thank Nordischer Klang for a wonderful festival and concert. Five standing ovations was quite overwhelming and extremely outstanding! Thanks for the hospitality and hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

Kitchen Orchestras Upcoming Concerts

Kitchen Baroque

Upcoming Concerts:

5th May, 2013 Nordischer Klang, Greifswald, Germany


A meeting between the Baroque grooves and contemporary improvisation

In this project, Stavanger Baroque and Kitchen Orchestra join forces to reveal new potential in three-hundred year old music – and simply have a lot of fun.

Six skilled Baroque specialists of varied international background are seated on the left side of stage – on the right side, six improvising musicians from Stavanger, with rock, jazz and classical background, from the adventurous musical collective Kitchen Orchestra. In the middle, a percussion player bridging the two styles.

The instrumentation is set up to correspond by pairs – and the innovative and very personal vocal style of Stine Janvin Motland is the strange mirror image of the beautiful soprano of Elin Aase.

What are they playing with? Italian stuff: ciacconas, passacaglias, follias and other music based on repeated, rhytmical bass patterns. Inspired by how they did it in the Baroque time, when you could add what was available of musicians and improvise with ease and nonchalance.

Philosophically, the bass pattern were a symbol of the infinite universe. Actually in this project we could say they represent timelessness, because the bass patterns siply groove and swing – and they easily lend to improvisation that cross the borders of time.

It is important for composer Nils Henrik Asheim, who also conducts the project, to be honest towards the musical traditions. So the starting point is to let the Baroque musicians to what they do best, and the contemporary musicians play a counterpart to their music instead of messing with it.

But inevitably, things happen as the two cultures clash. Raw, burlesque scenes, open fights, queer reminescenses of tango, dixieland or marches may occur without warning. And lots of melancholic beauty with an edge, where classical harmony is extended with intriguing modern soundscapes – as if Baroque paintings were rendered with the means of modern video techniques.

Duration: 2x 35 minutes, adaptable.

Current Players:
Stavanger Barokk: Elin Aase – Soprano, Karolina Radziej – Geige, Gustavo Gargiulo – Zink, Josef Maria Antonio – Viola da Gamba, Hans Knut VSeen – Cembalo, and Ulrik Gaston Larsen – Laute
Percussion: Marius Munthe-Kaas

Kitchen Orchestra:
Stine Motland – Voice, Petter Fadnes – Saxophone, Vidar Schanche – Electric Guitar, Didrik Ingvaldsen – Trumpet, Johan Egdetveit – Accordian, Thomas Bang – Double Bass
Leader: Nils Henrik Asheim

Kitchen Baroque


As a measure to bring different musical flavours to the orchestra, and to develop and secure individual and collective growth, Kitchen Orchestra arranges internal workshops almost every month of the year. Using internal leaders to benefit from the musical diversity found in the orchestra, each workshop has a special theme which is presented to the participants by the leader in question. This ensures that the music played in each workshop has an individual approach from both the composer and the musicians.

This practice, combined with the vast pedagogical experience and ability of each musician, enables Kitchen Orchestra to offer workshops to schools, marching bands, big bands, and orchestras etc.The orchestra works in a musical field where improvisation, contemporary music and general collective awareness are important factors. These, combined with the ability to listen to music in different ways, are some of the key aspects of the workshop practice and endorse a holistic sense of music to all workshop participants.

These workshops can be combined with a concert. Kitchen Orchestra values the importance of educating the public in the unique world of improv and would be happy to host a workshop in addition to a concert booking.